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  • The Camping Rio Lima is placed in ample woody lands, with area of 120.000 m2, in defended zones of architectonic and natural ambient patrimony, opposite to the beautiful and friendly city of Viana do Castelo. It is well situated in the left margin of Lima River which is collated to the romanic bridge and the known Eiffel bridge, 800 m of distance from the Cabedelo Beach.

    Its involving has not urbanistics constaints. For that reason the usuaries feel inside a peninsula, almost all encircled by water of the Estuary of the Lima River, together to the inlet.

    It possesses a natural lagoon where can be made sport fishing of Sea-fish, Gilt-head-fish, among others species. You can also appreciate the breeding of the Lusitano Horse, being possible, much in its neighborhood, the practicing of various sporting activities as the horse riding, surf, windurf (internationally famous place), hicking, canoe, karting and golf. Some of these are exerted through protocols established with external entities to the Camping.

    In front of the Camping, joins the oceanic Marina of Viana do Castelo.

    The night has a reference: the romanic bridge and the chimney in brick, of 25 meters height, are illuminated, creating thus indeed interesting luminous effects.

    In the other side of the river we can see the city and Santa Luzia Mountain and the respective Temple, whose panorama is considered by the National Geographic as one of most beautiful in the World.